It is our mission to provide a full array of training services, offering your league exactly what it needs to get to the next level play and accomplish your goals.  Currently, we offer the services listed below.

Training the Trainer

Online Learning: is an investment in your team’s long-term development and coaches.  Enroll your coaches in a long-term training program or for short seminars that will teach them how to teach you.

These are incredibly intensive online courses which may include meetings, assignments, course material and feedback sessions, allowing trainers to learn, apply, and receive feedback over the course of the seminar.

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Seminars: are a great way to supplement your knowledge and expand your skill base as a trainer.  We cover topics like communication, goaling, structuring and much more.  Take a weekend and learn about how to train, not just what to train!

Our next seminars will be held in 2016.


Training the Team

  • Line Up Managing: need help getting your skaters effectively on track? We will coach you through effective line up options and bench techniques to find what’s right for your team and manage a bout.
  • Bench Coaching: competent coaching can win or lose a game. If your league needs help learning to assess what is happening on track — in real time and to your advantage or detriment — schedule one of our bench coaches to take you through the pre-bout prep, the bout itself and post-bout discussion.
  • Footage Analysis: you select the bout or scrimmage and our qualified coaches will pick apart your game and provide you a thorough report highlighting your strengths and outlining opportunities with a clear list of drills to improve each issue.
  • League/Team Training: book a coach to come and train your league in your city, either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Trainings specialized for your leauge are also available.
  • Fitness: Plyometrics, Weight Training, Yoga, Nutrition, Stretching
  • Officiating Training: book a coach to train your league or lead a clinic, no matter what level or experience of officiating. Trainings help you identify the key responsibilities of roller derby officials to focus on the action, improve teamwork, the overall flow of communication — and ultimately — the game as a whole.

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Training the Individual

Track Advantage Boot Camps: TA holds bootcamps each year in different european cities.

Our next bootcamp will be Euro Derby Con. Like our Facebook page and stay posted for details.

Is your league interested in hosting one of our camps? Get in touch with us here to find out how it can benefit you.