Areas of Expertise

  • Roller Derby Skating Skills
  • Different Jammer/Blocker skills, positional blocking/hitting/building walls, breaking walls, etc.
  • Communication on track
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Stop being nice to your team mates and practice as you play
  • Working to your teams strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategy and Tactic Development and Implementation
  • League Structure and Organizational Processes


  • Dutch, English

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Giving personal feedback to individual skaters as well as giving feedback on group (team) level
  • Being able to break down skills and strategies so even the beginner skater will understand
  • Clear and direct communication skills

Athletic Background

  • 2010 Present: Amsterdam Derby Dames (Skater and Coach), Amsterdam, NL


  • League President of the Amsterdam Derby Dames from November 2010 till November 2013
  • Interleague representative since 2010 – present
  • Coaching different practices (league, incidental fresh meat and intermediate) within the Amsterdam Derby Dames 2011 – present
  • B.ADD girls (b-team) coach since 2012
  • Shared head of the Training committee since 2013
  • Amsterdam Derby Dames WFTDA skater Representative since 2013
  • Organized Block around the Clock – 24 hour scrimmage marathon

International Coaching Assignments

  • Rotterdam Death Row Honeys (Rotterdam, NL) (2012 & 2013)
  • Suck City Rock n Roller Dolls (Breda, NL) (2013)
  • East Side Rock n Rollers (Enschede, NL) (2013)
  • Meatgrinders Bremen (Bremen, DE) (2013)
  • Guest Line up manager for the first bout of the Rotterdam Death Row Honeys (Rotterdam,NL) (2012)
  • Guest Bench Coached for the Northern Lightning Rollergirls (2013)
  • Beginner Bootcamp hosted by Arnhem Fallen Angels (Arnhem, NL) (2012)
  • Intermediate Bootcamp hosted by Pink Peril Roller Derby (Heerlen, NL) (2013)
  • Co-Coach of Team Netherlands Men’s Derby. I have coached them at practice and during two men’s tournaments (battle of the beasts 1 & 2) and coaching them now towards the Men’s World Cup.