Violent Bob


  • 5th Year as Elected Head Coach of Dublin Roller Derby
  • 5th Year as Elected Travel Team Coach and Trainer
  • First Aid Certified 2015

Areas of Expertise:

  • Bench Coaching and Leadership – being “number 15”
  • Team Communication and Feedback
  • Teamwork
  • Blocking and Jamming Skills
  • Training for trainers, developing goal-oriented lesson plans


  • English, French

Key Skills and Competencies:

  • Depth of knowledge of bench coaching from 4 years experience with Dublin Roller Derby A & B
  • 5 years experience coaching all levels from Freshmeat to Travel Team
  • Communication skills and step-by step breakdown
  • Development and evolution of drills to suit every level
  • Creating the “group mind” – leading a session while facilitating discussions to allow the group to take ownership of their own development

Athletic Background:

  • 2010 to Present: Dublin Roller Derby, Elected Head Coach and Travel Team Bench Coach
  • Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup 2011 – All-Ireland Roller Derby Head Coach and Bench Coach


  • Dublin Roller Derby Coaching Committee – 2010-Present
  • Dublin Roller Derby Officials Committee – 2010-Present

International Coaching Assignments:

  • Anarchy in the UK 2015 – Bench Coach for Euro All-Stars Invitational Team
  • 2014 Suorok – Finnish Roller Derby Convention – Bench Coaching Training
  • Eastside Rock n Rollers (Netherlands) 2013
  • Extensive experience coaching Irish leagues
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