Motivation for Team Building Seminar

A new kind of training bootcamp, just for roller derby coaches! Learn the tools you need to improve your training and get the most out of your athletes. Our seminar style set up, is appropriate for skater and non-skaters coaches who want to get results. Help your team achieve its goals with information on HOW to train, not just WHAT to train.

Seminar will cover in depth the following concepts over two days.

Team Motivation
-Communication Bascis
-Communication Breakdown
-Social influences
-Dealing with Conflict

Creating Together
-Expectation Manangement
-Resource Assessment
-Planning and Scheduling
-Creating Lasting Structures
-Goal Terms

And More…

The training will be presented by Master Blaster. She has been a Head Trainer for Bear City Roller Derby in Berlin for 7 years and is a leader in roller derby education across Europe.

70€ Weekend Pass
50€ One Day Pass

Juni 6, 2015
Juni 7, 2015

Karl-Marx-Platz 6, 12043 Berlin

I went to the seminar without any expectations. I knew that I was going to learn from the best and got into the seminar open minded and ready to learn.

I very much enjoyed the whole weekend, the programme was very well structured. There were breaks at the right time to keep my mind sharp and concentrated and although there was a lot of information to process in two days, it was easy to follow and to remember most of it.

Master Blaster is one of the best in the coaching business so I was happy to learn from her. I like the way how she is professional but approachable at the same time. No question was a bad question and I felt welcome from the first moment. Thanks for that!

I am very excited to start with coaching after the summer in my league. Everything that Master Blaster said during the seminar is going to be very helpful and I hope to join another seminar next year!

Roos Geelhoed, Parliment of Pain, the Hague, Netherlands