Structures for Success Seminar

A new kind of training bootcamp, just for roller derby coaches! Learn the tools you need to effectively structure your training and get the most out of your athletes. In our seminar style set up, this is appropriate for skater and non-skaters coaches who want to improve training results and help your team achieve its goals with information on how to train, not just what to train. Seminar will cover in depth the following concepts over two days.

Sport Methodology

  •     Sport Pedagogy
  •     Training Goals
  •     Methodic Measurables
  •     Methodic Processess
  •     Correction Methodology
  •     Creating a Training Plan
  •     Assessment of Training Sessions

Training Theory

  •     Performance Determining Factors
  •     Training Principles
  •     Training Methods
  •     Conditional Skills
  •     Endurance
  •     Strength
  •     Speed
  •     Mobility

And More…

The training will be presented by Master Blaster. She has been a Head Trainer for Bear City Roller Derby in Berlin for 7 years and is a leader in roller derby education across Europe.

September 27, 2014
September 28, 2014

Karl-Marx-Platz 6, 12043 Berlin

It was a very helpful and well organised seminar. It gave a new point of view to many topics and was filled with new stuff.

It will help me to be a better Trainer/coach with a better organisation in my training and will finally help the skaters.

Paul (East Cider) – Atomic Apple Rollers / H.O.S.S.A.