Lisbon Bronze & Silver Training Camp

Bringing effective coaching to new and developing leagues, Welcome to Lisbon!  Three of Europe’s best coaches are coming down south to bring you the drills and skills you need to improve!


Beginner: Pre-Minimum Skills Test, our trainers will teach you everything you need to pass your MST and do things correctly, preventing mistakes in the future.

Intermediate: Post MST with some bouting experience, our trainers will help you take your play to the level with focused drills for you and your team.




Juli 11, 2015
Juli 12, 2015

Clube Desportivo Lisboa e Águias
1500 Bairro Da Boa Vista,
Lisboa, Portugal

I have no words to describe how awesome you guys were this weekend! You were attentive and made individual corrections that helped immensely and were flexible enough to adapt to our level of play! Best bootcamp ever! Thanks so much Master and Aline!

Ant Agony, Lisbon Roller Grrrls, Lisbon, Portugal