Barcelona Bronze & Silver Training Camp

The best derby training meets the best roller skating, this year in Barcelona!  With 4 of Europe’s best derby trainers we’ll teach you all the skills you need to advance to the next level of play and have fun doing it with the BCN Roller Dance Festival.


Aline Decat, Furrrocious, Jackie Daniels & Master Blaster


Beginner: Pre-Minimum Skills Test, our trainers will teach you everything you need to pass your MST and do things correctly, preventing mistakes in the future.

Intermediate: Post MST with some bouting experience, our trainers will help you take your play to the level with focused drills for you and your team.





September 19, 2015
September 20, 2015


Inefc Barcelona
Avinguda de l’Estadi, 12,
08038 Barcelona, Spain

The drills were very well adjusted to the level of the skaters, coaches explained drills very well, also relevance to gameplay situations was very clear and useful.

The e subsequent training was really well build up: starting with basics and really building step by step throughout the day and there was enough time for individual coaching throughout the drills.

Off skates training was very valuable, both the injury prevention and counselling session!

BullRozor & QI from the Parliament of Pain, the Hague Roller Derby League

Thank you, I really liked the consulting. It gave a different angel to the other knowledge that we got during the weekend. And small things, like how important it is to be supportive on the bench, the positive attitude against each other.

Ewa, Umeå Roller Derby